Charlottesville is a fine place for gluttony, in both brews and food. And now at least one Charlottesville beer has made it to D.C. I sampled a draft of Starr Hill Amber at Bourbon (Adams Morgan location) last night. Good stuff.

Starr Hill is one of two brewpubs in which this correspondent used to lurk during a stint in Charlottesville a few years back. While I preferred South Street Brewery, Starr Hill is no slouch. And the brewery endeared itself to many when a fire temporarily disrupted the beer-making operations at South Street. (My boss thought I took a bit too much personal interest in the near-tragedy.) The powers-that-be at Starr Hill stepped in and brewed a few batches for South Street, keeping our pints full. A fine example of beer trumping capitalism.

OPSINJOOR UPDATE: Alert reader Jac Holtzman has alerted us to another photo of Opsinjoor. It’s worth a look.