Plans for a responsible night evaporated shortly after I walked into the 18th Amendment last night. The bar almost makes me wish I lived on Capitol Hill. It leans on an art deco theme, with low lighting, a wooden bar and a chrome ceiling. All nice touches, but the beer list is the real highlight. Nothing too crazy, but over 50 options (12 on tap), many of which can lead to mischief.

To that end I recommend the offerings from Unibroue, a word that I don’t know how to pronounce as well as a brewery unibrow1out of Québec. The 18th Amendment carries three of their beers, including La Fin du Monde. It’s a Belgian triple with a nasty 9 percent ABV.maudite

Some of the other Unibroue beers share nefarious names, all the better for experiencing the dark side of beer drinking. My favorite: Maudite, or “the cursed.”